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13 August 2011 @ 09:18 am
Darien Akando new outfit and restrung  

Originally published at *-DARIENCITO-*- /\"Mi Mundo Asiatico"/\. Please leave any comments there.

nnn-news2 Hello people!!! I spent all my summer vacation in Mexico  so that’s why I didn’t update my blog much! I know, I know excuses!!! lol…  I finally ordered a new outfit for my Akando! I’m loving it! Specially the new boots! lol I did my first restringing so yeah I’m very very excited! Akando stands up by himself! Thanks to a friend from Den of Angels for a wonderful and helpful tutorial!! Dollmore rocks with the awesome string perfect for  EID dolls!!  Check out the pic! btw I ordered a new wig but I didn’t put it on him  in this pic. I’ll try to upload a new pic really soon (I promise) Comments are LOVE!!!

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